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Microsoft Access Level 4


 Course Duration 1 Day


During this advanced training day we concentrate on using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) thus building on the skills learnt in MS Access 2010 L3 training.
Attended MS Access 2010 Level 3 and have an excellent knowledge of MS Access database – or equivalent working knowledge
Converting Macros to VBA
Programming with VBA
The VB Editor
Adding Comments
Procedures and Functions
Passing parameters and returning values
Understanding objects, properties, and methods
Simple Input and Output (using InputBox and MsgBox)
Variables: declaration, scope, lifetime
Object variables


Controlling Programme Execution (If, Select Case, Loops etc)
Mathematical and logical operators
Using the built-in VB functions
Trapping runtime errors
Using the Access “DoCmd” Object
Working with RecordSets
Debugging your code
Setting breakpoints
Stepping through code
The immediate, autos, and watch windows
Deploying your database
Protecting your database design and code
The Access Runtime
Testing your database in the runtime environment
Packaging your database into an installation program