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Google Scripting - Basics Through To Sheet Customisation Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

Google Apps Script is based on JavaScript and gives great flexibility to customise and automate Google Docs and Sites. The Script Editor allows you produce something as straightforward as a custom sheet function to a fully-fledged support ticketing system




Module 020: Google Script Basics

Script editor

Executing scripts

Example - Send email

Example – Creating a custom sheet function

JavaScript basics




Module 021: Working with Sheets using Script

Sheet visibility

Column/row visibility

Event triggers in Google script

Protection options for scripts

Ability to record script and then edit

Run & Debug

Example: Support Tickets Sheet

Module 022: Google Scripts Code

Declaring variables & variable types/limits


Beginning and ending scripts


Object libraries

Formatting with script

Error trapping

On error…

Resume next


Input & message boxes


This training can be tailored and combined with any of the further Google courses advertised