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Introduction To Negotiation Skills


Course Title  Introduction to Negotiation Skills     Course Duration 1 Da
Introduction to Negotiation Skills
Duration 1: day
This Introduction to Negotiation Skills training course is designed for anybody who is considering a position that involves negotiation, whether in a management position, sales / buying capacity, human resources, trade union or similar capacity.  The modules included are specifically   to help participants develop strategies and prepare for effective negotiation.  Topics discussed include defining negotiation, outcomes of negotiation, the stages of negotiation and negotiation skills and styles.
By applying the principles and techniques learned, delegates should be able to better understand the dynamics of effective negotiation.  In particular you will:
Demonstrate an increased understanding and awareness of the role of a Professional Negotiator
Improve your own personal Negotiation Skills
Identify through group and individual activities the skills knowledge and understanding necessary to be an effective negotiator in a competitive environment
Develop general strategies for Successful Negotiation
Produce win-win resolutions for all parties
Identify your own negotiation style and it's potential strengths and weaknesses


Course Outline
What is Negotiation?
Negotiation Icebreaker
Outcomes of Negotiation
Definition of Successful Negotiation
4 Key Stages of Negotiation
Negotiation Skills
Uses of Negotiation
Positional Bargaining
Negotiation Initial Stage
Communication and Negotiation
Negotiation Styles
Negotiation Method
Negotiation Mistakes
Contract Negotiation
Final Stage