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  • Adobe/Tablet and Phone Apps with Twixl and InDesign 2 Day Course

Tablet And Phone Apps With Twixl And InDesign 2 Day Course

Course Overview

Twixl Publisher combined with Adobe InDesign allows you to create apps for tablets and smartphones fully independently, and publish them in one or more of the app stores (Apple’s App Store, Google Play or the Amazon Appstore), or distribute content in-house (“Enterprise”). Twixl provides an intuitive and affordable way to create and deliver apps without writing any code or relying on developers. Use familiar Adobe InDesign skills to explore your creativity and develop content that inspires and engages.



Who should attend?

This course is for delegates with an existing understanding of Adobe InDesign (an InDesign 2-day Essentials course as a minimum) and Creative Suite image/graphic creation. Some HTML/Web/Animation experience would also help.

We encourage delegates to bring along their own tablets and smartphones to

the training to preview and test their output. The devices will require the latest version of the Twixl Viewer which is a 

free download from the App Stores.


How to create and build apps for tablets and smartphones fully independently.

How to create and build apps without writing any code or relying on developers.

How to publish apps to the app stores.

App distribution including in-house (“Enterprise”) content.



Digital publishing

Tablet/Smartphone Apps

Tablet/Smartphone devices

Print to digital

Distribution options


Getting Started

Twixl Overview


New projects

Creating Articles

Alternate Layouts

Smartphone Apps


Adding Interactivity



Image Sequences


Scrollable Content

Slide Shows

Video & Audio

Web Viewers

Web Overlays



Nesting interactive elements

Preview, Share, Export


Preview in a Simulator

Preview on a Device



Building Apps

iOS provisioning profiles

iOS app build types

Android app build types

Single-issue app for iOS

Multi-issue app for iOS

Single-issue app for Android

Multi-issue app for Android

Web Reader export

Deploying Apps

iOS apps in-house

iOS apps in the App Store

iOS multi-issue apps

Android test build

Android app in Google Play

Android multi-issue apps

Web Reader

Course Outline

Advanced features

Sharing on social media

Push SSL Certificates

Push notifications

Entitlements options

Managing Content

Adding a multi-issue app

Adding an issue to an app

Uploading a publication

Import from Adobe DPS

InDesign Twixl Importer


You can download a FREE TWIXL TRIAL on to as many computers as you like - this is effectively a plug-in for InDesign CS6, CC, CC2014 or CC2015. You can then:

Preview on your tablet or phone with the free Twixl Viewer app.

Create single-issue test builds for iOS & Android.

Create in-house “ad hoc” builds for iOS.

Publications exported with the trial version will display a short ‘Created with Twixl Publisher’ message when opening the publication.

You preview the result of your interactive InDesign content either in the iOS simulator (on OS X only), or in the Twixl Viewer running on an iOS or Android device on your Wifi network - a good strong WiFi connection is essential for this!

More information about Twixl can be found at http://twixlmedia.com/