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ACT! Admin Essentials 1 Day

Course Overview

This course is designed to give new administrators practical experience in configuring and managing Act! This is not designed for end users as much of the content requires administrator privileges




All users should be familiar with using a Windows PC and should have attended the Act! User Essentials or have an equivalent level of experience.


Starting ACT!

Security Roles

Finding your way around

My Record

Drop Down Lists

List View

Detail View


Drop-Down lists

Creating fields

NEW Calculation fields


Field tab order

Database Management

Importing and Exporting data

Replace / Copy / Swap fields

Dealing with Duplicates

Managing Users

Security Roles

Preference Settings

NEW Company Creation Rules

Backup and Restores

Database Maintenance

Check and Repair

Lock/Unlock Database

Remove Old Data

Delete Database

Share database

Other Admin Tasks

Creating Activity Series

Smart Tasks

Outlook Synchronisation

Exporting Opportunities to Excel

Opportunity Processes

Setting up the Product File