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Adobe After Effects Advanced 2 Days

Course Overview

This in-depth course fully addresses the complexities and sophistication available within After Effects. It teaches, in great detail, real life tips and tricks that will greatly enhance your working knowledge of the software. The course predominantly focuses on working with Effects, 3D and Expressions, although other topics will be covered, with an emphasis on using the features in creative and interesting ways.



Good experience of After Effects or previous attendance on the Intermediate training course.


Overview of features

After Effects CC performance enhancements

Native support for new codecs & cameras

Native support for RED camera footage

Adobe Illustrator integration

Adobe Dynamic Link with Premier Pro


Advanced Expressions

Expression controls

Looping and controlling time

Working with variables

Controlling ranges

Expressions library


Advanced 3D

3D Camera tracking

Extruding text and shapes to 3D

Linking and aligning 3D orientation

Animating in 3D environments

Compositing multi-pass renders from 3D applications

Working with multiple alphas

Using 3D channel effects


Using Mocha to create tracking and corner pin data in After Effects

Using Mocha shapes

Creating a Mocha mask

Exporting Mocha tracks


Effects in Depth

Distortion effects (Warping, Morphing)

Using Masks with effects

Working with Particles

Compound effects (Compound Blur,Displacement Mapping)

Advanced Green Screen techniques


Effect Generators

Fractal Noise

Radio Waves





Effects for Colour Treatment and Correction



Change to colour

Colour correction and blending effects

Miscellaneous effects

Grading with Colour Finesse



Advanced Character Rigging

Dynamic Motion Graphic animation

Animating contents of shape layers

Constructing and animating a professional 3D scene