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Adobe Muse Introduction 1 Day

Course Overview

This one day Adobe Muse training course is aimed at designers looking to create HTML5 and CSS3 standards compliant websites without actually having to write any code. Adobe Muse lets you plan, design and publish content as easily as you do with print material, making use of master pages, a vast range of web fonts and a whole range of built in tools for interactivity. Audience The course is aimed at designers who want to produce professional looking content for the web without having to write code.



Prerequisite: Experience of the Windows or Mackintosh operating system or previous attendance on the equivalent training course. Some Design knowledge is useful.

Course Outline

The Muse Workspace

Planning your site

Touring the workspace

Understanding modes

Working Design Mode

The toolbox

Muse panels

Zooming and panning

Preview mode

Creating your site

Creating a new site

Editing site properties

Creating a sitemap

Adding and deleting pages

Arranging pages

Page Properties

Master pages

Web Design versus Print design


Web navigation

Building a master page

Adding a logo to the header

Adding a navigation menu

Adding content to the footer

Creating new master pages

Applying master pages

Adding and styling text

Inserting text/Formatting text

Selecting a font

Changing the colour of text

Adjusting font size

Creating type styles

Working with shapes and colour

The rectangle tool

Creating 100% width content

Applying a background image

Creating a line

Working with colour

Save and edit a swatch

Working with gradients

Adding images to your site

Web image basics



Image formats

Importing images

Placing an image

Moving cropping and resizing

The selection tool

Wrapping text around content

The assets panel

Relinking images

Fixing broken links

Working with links and buttons

Creating links

Email links

Styling your links

Working with anchors

Working with Buttons

Applying Effects, graphic styles and inserting HTML

Working with rounded corners, effects and opacity

Shadow effects

Bevel effects

Glow effects

Graphic styles

Embedding HTML

Adding a Google map

Working with widgets

Inserting a composition widget

Adding or deleting a trigger

Editing a trigger

Working with slideshows

Adding a blank slideshow widget

Publishing and exporting your site

Understanding Muse publishing

Publishing your page

Making and uploading edits

Exporting your site