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AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Advanced Level 1-2 Days

Course Overview

This course is aimed at existing users of the full blown AutoCAD package although most but not all of these topics apply to the cut down equivalent - AutoCAD LT as well. Prerequisites Delegates must be familiar with using AutoCAD for the day to day production of 2D drawings and have a grasp of the basic functions of the software. Duration: 1 - 2 days would be required to cover these topics based upon a practical hands-on approach to using the software by means of drawing exercises .Specific sample drawings can be incorporated into the training..


External reference files

  • Attaching, detaching, loading and un-loading other drawing files (xrefs).
  • Binding xrefs and the implications of doing so.
  • Attaching other files types (jpegs, tiffs, dwfs and dgn files etc.)
  • Using the reference manager palette.


3rd party file preparation

  • Using the publish command.
  • Preparing your drawing for e-mail transmittal using AutoCAD’s built in features.
  • Attaching hyperlinks to your drawing.


Drawing Organisation

  • Creating, exporting and re-using layer states.
  • Using the layer translator.



  • Creating and using fields to automate text.
  • Creating and editing attributes in blocks and title blocks.
  • Creating tables of information.


Dynamic blocks

  • Creating dynamic block parameters and actions.
  • Using visibility states.
  • Using look-up tables.


User co-ordinate systems

  • Understanding co-ordinate systems.
  • Creating user co-ordinate systems.
  • Saving and managing co-ordinate systems.
  • Creating and saving drawing views.


Lisp routines

  • Understanding lisp routines.

Loading and using lisp routines to speed up day to day tasks.