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Autodesk Inventor Advanced Assembly Modelling Course Duration: 3 Days

Course Overview

Course Description This course builds on the skills acquired in the Autodesk Inventor Introduction to Solid Modelling and Autodesk Inventor Advanced Part Modelling training courses. This course will enable you to be more productive, going beyond simple part design to creating and working with assemblies in Autodesk Inventor. The course introduces advanced features for constraining models, making associative links, using design accelerators and introducing rendering models.




The class assumes a mastery of Inventor basics as taught in Inventor Introduction to Solid Modelling and Inventor Advanced. An understanding of Part Modelling is recommended.

Topics Include

  • Applying motion to existing assembly constraints
  • Introduction of the Top-Down Design technique
  • Tools for Top-Down Design, such as associative links,

adaptive parts, multi-body and layout design

  • Creating Positional Representations to review motion,

evaluate the position of assembly components, or

document an assembly in a drawing

  • Using Shrinkwrap and other model simplification tools

to create a part model that represents an overall


  • Creating Level of Detail Representations to reduce the

clutter of large assemblies, reduce retrieval times, and

substituting models

  • Using Design Accelerator to easily insert standard and

customizable components and features into models

  • Creating rendered realistic images and animations of

parts and assemblies

  • Using iMates and iAssemblies to work with assemblies
  • Duplicating components in an assembly
  • Using the Frame Generator to create structural


  • Working with weldments
  • Link and drive parameters to and from a spreadsheet.

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