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CHANGE MANAGEMENT FOUNDATION - Webinar Delivery To Include Exams Duration: 3 Days (over A 2-week Period)

Course Overview

This qualification is aimed at change managers and aspiring change managers. It is also relevant to other key staff involved in the design, development and delivery of change programmes, including change leaders (e.g. Senior Responsible Owners), change ‘agents’ The qualifications are focused on helping people understand change management, the impact it has within their organisation and their role in the successful implementation of organisational change.




The focus of the training is on the learning and not teaching. Therefore, unlike most other providers having a block of three consecutive training days, we facilitate our training over three live interactive webinar sessions spread over 2 weeks allowing candidates to:

  • Have an opportunity to make appropriate notes and digest their learning, before moving on to the next element. 
  • Apply the learning to the way their organisation and change initiatives are being managed, including their personal role and responsibility. Additionally, the participants can understand the different roles and documentations they might come across.
  • Increase their chances of success in their examinations. Currently 100% pass rate at Change Management examinations, over 8 years.

Course overview:

Change and the Individual

  • The Change Management Context
  • Learning and the individual
  • Learning process and styles
  • Learning dip
  • Change and the Individual
  • Motivation theories
  • Individual differences

Change and the Organization

  • Metaphors of organisations
  • Organisation culture and change
  • Models of change
  • Key roles in organisational change
  • Drivers of change
  • Developing vision
  • Moving towards desired future state

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Stakeholder engagement Principles
  • Identifying and segmenting stakeholders
  • Personas and empathy maps
  • Communication and engagement
  • Communications biases
  • Feedback and communications approaches
  • Communicating change – factors, barriers and approaches
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Influencing strategies
  • Communications channels (Push-Pull & Lean-Rich)
  • Planning communications
  • Change impact
  • Identifying and assessing change impact
  • Stakeholder impact assessment


Change management practice

  • Change severity assessment
  • Change readiness
  • Motivation to change and supporting individuals
  • Change agent networks
  • Building organisational change readiness
  • Building the change team and stages of team development
  • Key elements of Change management plan
  • Preparing for resistance