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Developing For Mobiles With PhoneGap  Duration: 2 Days

Course Overview

Increasingly developers are looking to create a single code-base for all mobile platforms. Apache Cordova and PhoneGap provide this with HTML/CSS/JavaScript apps published to all major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry etc.) Adobe provides a cloud service where code can be uploaded to automatically generate native apps, immediately installable on these platforms. Alternatively code can be compiled from the command line for individual platforms. No matter what development environment you choose, PhoneGap is the quickest way to deploy apps to all mobile platforms.



To get the most from this course, delegates need a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and an appreciation of the current mobile ecosystem.

Course Content

Overview of Essential Skills

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

jQuery and jQueryUI frameworks

Optional jQueyrmobile and BBUI frameworks


Local storage

App navigation techniques

Apache Cordova and PhoneGap build

Understanding the open source parts of PhoneGap (Cordova)

Where Adobe PhoneGap Build fits in

Free and paid accounts with Adobe PhoneGap Build

Creating a Development Environment

Eclipse with Plug-Ins

Visual Studio options

IntelliJ, Brackets and others

Running Mobile Device Simulators

Mobile Projects

Creating a new project

Importing a boiler-plate project

Enabling PhoneGap for existing projects

Obtaining and Using Signing Certificate Keys

Apple Developer program

Android Developer and API keys

Windows Phone keys

Blackberry keys


Understanding the Technologies


Overview of native app development structures

Overview of essential platform-specific configuration files

App icons, covers and UI furniture

Mobile-Specific Coding Techniques

Writing JavaScript Optimised for Mobile

Managing memory on mobiles

CSS optimisations

User-Interface best practices

When to go native

Accessing Native APIs





Other device-specific APIs


Subscribe to platform developer schemes as required (may incur fees)

Plan and Create App

Test and Debug

Compile to multiple platforms with PhoneGap build

Overview of the command-line compile process

Deploy to app markets

Additional Development tools

Blackberry and Windows Phone 8 emulators

Android and iOS Emulators built in to Chrome

Free Microsoft tools for Windows 8

Nomad for Visual Studio