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Excel 2016 – 2019 - 365 – Live Virtual Bitesize Training Sessions (Delivery Available Through Teams, Skype, WebEx)

Course Overview

Demonstration/presentation with examples by trainer (Video and audio) Question and answers via chat window Option to work through 2x short exercises (assumption that delegates have training application on their PC/device) Support materials Duration: 1-1.5 hrs according to Topic Example: Excel Topic 1 Introductory level 1 hr.




Topic 1. Formula - Top 10 Introductory level


Shortcut Keys

Formula views

Identifying & Selecting formulas

Absolute cell references

… and more

Topic 2. Conditional Formatting Introductory/Intermediate level

Trend-based vs Value-based

Data Bars, Icons sets & Colour scales

Editing the rules

Value based – top/bottom rules

Duplicate Values

Selecting & deleting conditional formats

Topic 3. Lists to Tables Intermediate level

Editing & Formatting tables

Sorting & Filtering data

Total row

Using Slicers

Removing Duplicates

Topic 4. PivotTables Intermediate level

Setting up the Excel source data

Adding fields to the PivotTable

Sorting & filtering data

Grouping data

Using Slicers & Timelines to filter data

Creating an interactive PivotChart

Topic 5. Logical Formulas Intermediate level

Using logical operators and formulas

SUMIF and COUNTIF functions

Using the IF function

Using AND/OR functions for multiple conditions

The IFERROR function to modify error messages

Topic 6. Using Lookup Formulas Advanced level

Creating Range names

Using VLOOKUP for exact matches

Using VLOOKUP for closest match


MATCH and INDEX formulas