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Microsoft Excel – Live Online Bitesize Training Modules 1 1/2 Hour Modules

Course Overview

1½ Hour Modules. Training will include the following. Delivered by a JCS Senior Microsoft Trainer – examples (Video and audio) Question and answers via chat window Work through selected short exercises (assumption that delegates have training application on their PC/device) Downloadable post course support material/telephone and email support





Training delivery: Live Virtual Training

Training can be 1 module or a mix of several modules.

Excel 2016/2019:

Module 1. Formula – Top Ten. Introductory Level


  • Shortcut Keys
  • Formula views
  • Identifying & Selecting formulas
  • Absolute cell references
  • … and more

Module 2. Conditional Formatting. Introductory & Intermediate Level

  • Trend-based vs Value-based
  • Data Bars, Icons sets & Colour scales
  • Editing the rules
  • Value based – top/bottom rules
  • Duplicate Values
  • Selecting & deleting conditional formats

Module 3. Lists to Tables. Intermediate Level

  • Editing & Formatting tables
  • Sorting & Filtering data
  • Total row
  • Using Slicers
  • Removing Duplicates

Module 4. PivotTables. Intermediate Level

  • Setting up the Excel source data
  • Adding fields to the PivotTable
  • Sorting & filtering data
  • Grouping data
  • Using Slicers & Timelines to filter data
  • Creating an interactive PivotChart

Module 5. Logical Formulas. Intermediate Level

  • Using logical operators and formulas
  • SUMIF and COUNTIF functions
  • Using the IF function
  • Using AND/OR functions for multiple conditions
  • The IFERROR function to modify error messages

Module 6. Using Lookup Formulas. Advanced Level

  • Creating Range names
  • Using VLOOKUP for exact matches
  • Using VLOOKUP for closest match
  • MATCH and INDEX formulas