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The Newly Appointed Manager Duration 3 Days

Course Overview

Management development involves the training of managers in basic leadership skills enabling them to function effectively in their positions. For newly appointed managers this typically involves the development of the ability to focus on the effective management of their employee resources, while Striving to understand and achieve the strategies and goals of the business. Management development will include programs that teach decision-making skills, creating and managing successful work teams, Communication to include internal customer care. In this 3 day course we look towards the start of building your Management Experience. First time managers with little formal experience require support as they learn to handle their new responsibilities and deal with their most crucial resource - their people.



Who should attend this course: This course is suitable for new managers with little management


Delivery of training: The training course content can be tailored in line with your business objectives.


Making the first move into management

The role of the Manager

The mechanics & dynamics of supervision

Personal impact and effectiveness

The leadership role

Leadership styles

Developing your leadership skills

Communication Skills

Key communication skills

Listening skills

Giving clear instructions

Body language

Leading effective team briefings

Saying no

Customer Care (Stakeholders etc. :)

Identifying Customer & Organisational needs

Who are Internal Customers?

Why is Internal Customer Care important?

What do internal customers want?


Motivating yourself and others

Characteristics of effective teams

Recognising the needs of subordinates

Putting theory into practise

Controlling the team

Maintaining team performance


Dealing with problem behaviour

Disciplines and reprimands

Dealing with difficult situations – staff or public


Developing Team Work

Resolving conflict within the teams

Explore individual issues

Deal with the practical problems

Managing your teams development

Identifying training needs

On the job training

Performance reviews

Setting objectives

Time Management

Time Management and Success

What or Who Controls Your Time

Team Time & Your Time

The principles of Time Management

Importance of Goal/Objective Setting

Time and Planning

Getting organised

Time planning and prioritisation

Managing meetings

Work allocation

Strategic Planning

Introducing change

Company culture

Quality and you

Action planning