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Social Media Marketing Masterclass Two Day

Course Overview

For beginners and those with some basic experience Duration: 2 days Workshop Content: Introduction to social media Use social media effectively for your business  Create customer avatars Discover your unique business values



Get started with “The Big Four” social networking sites - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Get started with Blogging for Business

The pitfalls and benefits of social media

But what do I say?


Time-saving tips

Setting SMART social media goals and objectives

A social media strategy for your business

Workshop outcomes:

  • Understand how social media works and know and when how to use it for your business
  • Know who your customers are and where to find them
  • Identify your business values and know “how to speak” on social media and use these to make all your social media activities authentic, genuine and engaging
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram confidently and professionally
  • Understand how blogging can boost your business
  • Through case studies and examples, see what really works and what you must avoid doing at all costs
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the types of communication and language you should use for social media
  • Know how to use social media dashboards (like Hootsuite) to save time and provide you with important insights
  • Be ready to write a social media strategy for your business to use straight away and leave the workshops smiling and eager to get started

You’ll come away from the workshops feeling inspired to start using social media, know how to use it professionally for your business, be able to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram effectively and ready to start delivering your own social media marketing strategy