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Wednesday, April 4, 2018




Day 1. 09.04.2019

Day 2. 01.05.2019

Day 3. 11.06.2019


We would like to introduce THE MODULAR MANAGER 3 day course.

Whilst this covers elements of The Newly Appointed Manager training we have introduced new modules and the delivery is totally different.  This modular course is a three day course and will be booked as such and will run as 3 x 1 day workshops over a 3 month period. At the end of each workshop a practical post-activity is introduced to be implemented back in the workplace before attending the next module. This leads to greater retention of the material and embedding of the learning.


This modular programme introduces new managers to three of the most important disciplines that will support them in being about to do this. Through these pragmatic sessions, the new manager will learn to handle their new responsibilities and deal with their most crucial resource – their people.


They are:


  1. Understanding and recognising the basic elements of the management role
  2. Building and developing an effective team
  3. Managing and maintaining the performance of individuals and the team to achieve the business goals


We will be offering this training as an open scheduled training on our monthly training schedule or a closed company course, which can be tailored as required.


To find out more email: training@jcstraining.com or T: 01604 495252