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Adobe Captivate Advanced 2 Days

Course Overview

Captivate offers the possibility of creating complex interactive courseware to levels that are only introduced at a basic level in the Introduction to Captivate course. This course extends your understanding of Captivate so you are able to generate much more flexible and responsive learning materials. There is also an emphasis in the course on providing tips for an efficient and effective workflow, whatever your personal circumstances. The course is taught using practical examples and a hands-on experiential approach.


Pre-requisites: Delegates should be familiar with the basic features of Captivate as outlined in the Fundamentals of Captivate course outline.

Workflow best practices

Review of Master Slides and Object Styles

Setting up templates – when to use them

Sharing libraries

Editing text captions in a single Word document

Dealing with linked PowerPoint presentations

Making best use of Slide Notes

Using the Branching panel

Advanced Use of Audio and Video

Review of audio setup including editing

Review of different video setups including multi-slide video

Adding video to a Table of Contents

Using the Audio Management and Video Management dialog boxes

Advanced Interaction

Triggering visibility on or off and starting animation effects

Using system variables

Using user variables

Using Advanced Actions to create more complex interactivity in your project

Writing multiple action scripts

Writing more complex conditional scripts

Using the Advanced Interaction panel


Advanced Quiz features

Creating question pools

Moving questions between pools and importing question pools

Using the Question pool manager

Generating random question slides

Using the Quiz Results Analyser

Review of the Quiz Preferences

Handling projects

Best practices for sizing projects

Managing larger projects

Setting up navigation to jump between projects

Grouping slides

Using the Aggregator


Review of setting up an accessible project

Adding accessibility text

Adding closed captions using slide notes

Defining accessibility when publishing