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Adobe After Effects Introduction 2 Days

Course Overview

Objectives This Adobe certified course introduces delegates to the basic concepts of working with Adobe After Effects. It aims to give delegates the confidence to begin using the application in a professional environment to produce smooth animation and sophisticated special effects.




Experience of the Windows or Macintosh operating system or previous attendance on the equivalent training course.

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline

Introduction to the Interface

  • Project panel
  • Composition window
  • Timeline window
  • Layer and footage window
  • Using Quick Search
  • Auto-save preferences

Importing footage

  • Movies (QuickTime and AVI formats)
  • Photoshop files and Creative Suite Integration
  • Handling audio
  • Illustrator integration

Animation Essentials

  • Understanding Keyframe interpolation
  • Animating Transform properties
  • Working with Motion Blur
  • Motion tracking
  • Using the Wiggler
  • Parenting
  • Pre-compose
  • Puppet tool

Working with Masks and Mattes

  • Creating Masks
  • Mask properties
  • Working with Layers
  • Blending Modes


  • Creating and modifying text
  • Animating text along a path
  • Formatting
  • Using text Presets
  • Text animation techniques


  • Levels and Curves
  • Colour correction
  • Blurs and glows
  • Fractal noise
  • Animation Presets
  • Using Warp Stabiliser to remove jitter
  • Rainfall and snowfall
  • Rolling shutter repair


  • Introduction to Keylight
  • Keying footage
  • Matte Choker
  • Using the Roto Brush tool to create animated mattes

Introduction to 3D Animation

  • Working with 3D layers
  • Working with cameras
  • 3D views and Axes
  • 3D camera tracker


  • The Render Queue
  • Output and compression settings settings
  • File formats
  • Export for Web and mobile devices