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Adobe Illustrator Advanced 1 Day

Course Overview

Prerequisites: Attendance on Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals and Adobe Illustrator Intermediate or equivalent working knowledge


Advanced use of colour
Using the Colour Theme panel
Sharing colours between applications
Using Recolour Artwork
Overprinting colour with the Attributes panel

Creating complex artwork
Advanced use of Effects and the Appearance panel
Using pattern fills and JPEG images to create texture and transparency
Pen and Pencil tool enhancements
New ways to join and trim paths
Using images in Brushes
Introducing Live Shapes
Adding new strokes and fills via the Appearance panel
Toggling the Transparency Grid
Loading new texture into the Texturizer Effect
Utilising the magic wand tool

Controlling type
Options for auto-sizing Area Type
Defining Paragraph and Character styles
Saving Styles to the CC Library

Drawing in perspective
Drawing new objects in perspective
Attaching art to a perspective plane

Integrating Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign
Guidelines for creating and sharing artwork between the applications
Exporting Assets
Packaging a document
Preparing layers for After Effects
Defining an Illustrator Template

Setting Artboard sizes for social media content
Productivity enhancements
Creating guides from shapes
Defining a new Tools panel
Setting new views
Customising the Keyboard short‐ cuts
Building Actions for editing and Exporting
Deciding when to Rasterize content
Building Graphic Styles