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Adobe InDesign And Adobe Photoshop Combined Training For Marketing Departments Duration 2 Days

Course Overview

In this course we combine elements from Adobe InDesign & Adobe Photoshop using Adobe InDesign’s publishing software to generate layouts and produce typographic quality text and images along with the powerful manipulative skills within Adobe Photoshop.




Pre-requisites for both days:

Working knowledge of Windows.

Course outline


The interface

Quick methods to use panels

Organising panels

Creating workspaces

Creating Documents

Designing one-sided documents i.e. posters, tender documents and letterheads, etc.

Designing facing-page documents i.e.booklets, brochures and books, etc.

Working with Master Pages

Page numbering options

Adding and deleting pages


Selecting text

Formatting text

Spanning text across columns and balancing columns

Kerning and Tracking controls

Paragraph formatting

Dealing with overflow matter

Using Linked Stories

Linking frames and text flow options

Spell Checking

Bullets and Numbering

Paragraph Rules

Text Frame Options

Smart Text Reflow

Text Wrap

Allowing text to ignore Text Wrap

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Working with Text

Styling text

Text Wraps

Targeting Layers

Paragraph Rules

Drop Caps


Special Characters

Style Sheets

Creating and using Paragraph style sheets

Creating and using Character style sheets

Editing and overriding style sheets


Placing images

Using the Mini Bridge to place images

Options for fitting images in frames

Scaling images

Placing multiple images

Checking image resolutions, colour space and image links

Image cut-outs


Creating CMYK and Spot colours

Applying colours to fills and strokes

Creating and using Gradient swatches

Using Pantone® Colours

Preparing documents for Press

Printing options

Live Prefight - potential production problem alerts while designing

Font management - using Document Fonts

Packaging files for printing

Creating PDFs

Day 2

Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals

What file sizes to expect?

File format differences such as raster/bitmap (e.g. JPEG, TIFF) v. vector files (e.g. EPS)

File formats for export

Image input

Preparation of files for Powerpoint®, the Web, office printing and commercial printing in the

context of image quality and resolution

Application basics

The toolbox and panels

The colour picker

View modes

Keyboard shortcuts

Navigation panels

Using Adobe Bridge to find, sort and open images

Selection techniques

Creating selection areas

Adding to and subtracting from

Using Quick Selection and refinement tool

Feathering and anti-aliasing

Quick Mask

Using the magnetic tools

The Magic Eraser tools to make cut outs

Selecting intricate elements like hair

Painting tools

The standard brushes

Custom brushes

Linear or radial gradient fills

Creating custom gradient styles

Using the Mixer Brush


Cloning images

Using patterns

Smudging, blurring and sharpening


Repairing scratches

JCS training, 34 Quarry Park Close, Charter Gate, Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 6QB

Negative to positive, heal tool, shadow & highlight tool, match colour tool, red eye tool and

Vanishing point filter

Using Content Aware Fill

History panel as an Undo for effects


Resizing images while retaining the correct proportions for your subjects

Image adjustment

Using the Adjustments panel for live, non-destructive image adjustment

Brightness, contrast, gamma, hue/saturation

Colour balance for shadows, highlights and mid-tones

Levels and curves

The black and white conversion tool

Output generally

Re-sampling and printing

Resizing and adjusting resolution to the most appropriate values for printing

Screening issues

Working with Text

Adjusting text appearance

Using text effects commands

Rendering text

Text as a selection

Text distortion and warping, text on a path


Converting a selection path to a layer

Controlling layer transparency

Creating montages using components from different modes

Defining and using Adjustment layers

Placing guides and using grids

Layer styles and layer management, layer comps

Creating and using layer smart objects

Introducing video & 3D smart layers

Filters & special effects

Including soften, sharpen and numerous forms of distortion

Transforming areas of an image, including rotate, stretch, skew, flip and alter perspective

Using the Free Transform function

Using non-destructive smart filters

Working with Layers

Duplicating layers

Layer masks

Preserve transparency and locking layers

JCS training, 34 Quarry Park Close, Charter Gate, Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 6QB

T: 01604 495252 training@jcstraining.com www.jcstraining.com


Adjustment layers and adjustment layer masks

Layer comps

Using layer auto alignment and blending

Smart objects including Smart filters

Using Puppet Warp

History panel

Reverting to snapshots

Using the history brush for effects

Using Sharpening techniques and blur

Unsharp mask

Gaussian blur