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Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop Combined Training for Marketing Departments Level 2

Course Overview

In this 2 day course we build on the basic operations of InDesign while introducing more advanced features and techniques. Combined with the immensely powerful and versatile Photoshop this course is designed to enable you to realise, create and produce powerful marketing material.




Duration: 2 days

Pre-requisites for both days:

Working knowledge of Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

Attendance on the 2 day Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop

combined Training for Marketing Departments (fundamentals)

training course or possess equivalent working knowledge.


Adobe InDesign Level 2 – day 1

Duration: 1 Day


Saving Workspaces

Customising Menus

Customising Shortcuts

Multiple Document Windows

Working with Graphics

Using Adobe Bridge

Using Mini Bridge

Customising the Links Panel to display attributes like scale, rotation and resolution

Photoshop Files: Layers; Layer Comps

Illustrator Files: Layers; Layer Comps

Working with Colour

Mixed Colour Swatches

Colourising Images

Working with Text

Styling text

Text Wraps

Targeting Layers

Paragraph Rules

Drop Caps


Special Characters

More with Tables

Frames and Objects


Converting Shapes

Working with Groups

Transforming objects; again; and again individually

Special Effects; Targeting Effects

Working with Longer Documents

Creating spread documents

Smart Text Reflow


Creating pages with different sizes

Master Pages

Based-on Masters

Loading and managing styles



Table of Contents

Creating an Index

Libraries and Snippets



Pre Flight

Print Presets

Export to PDF

Export to eBooks


Adobe Photoshop Level 2 - day 2

Photoshop essentials
Essential keyboard shortcuts
Working smarter with Mini Bridge

Customising the workspace
Creating custom keyboard shortcuts
Controlling menu item display
Saving custom workspaces

Tone and colour correction
Working with Adjustment Layers
The Adjustments panel
Assessing image faults
Tone Range and Contrast enhancements
Colour correction techniques
Working with levels and curves
Using Fixed Colour Samplers
Working with the Info panel

Further colour tools
Working with Camera RAW images
Selective colour adjustments
Editing Adjustment Layer Masks
Using the Target Adjustment panel
Black and White command
Image toning effects

Selection techniques
Quick Mask mode
Introducing Alpha channels
Working with Photoshop paths
Creating selections from paths
Using the Refine Edge command to mask fine details of an image

Automating tasks
The Actions panel
Working with folders
Recording Actions
Controlling Action playback
Inserting non-recordable items
Batch processing folders with Actions
Saving and loading panel sets

Layering techniques
Working faster and smarter using layers
The Auto Align Layers command
The Auto Blend Layers command
Cylindrical, Perspective and Reposition projections
Using Layer Blend Modes
Using Puppet Warp

Working with Layer Masks

Creative techniques with Layer Masks
Tools for editing Layer Masks
Working with the Masks panel
Adjusting Mask density and feathering
Using Clipping Groups

Smart Objects

Advantages of using Layers as Smart Objects
Converting Photoshop Layers to Smart Objects
Editing Smart Object content

Filter techniques
Working with Smart Filter layers
Creative effects with Smart Filters
Editing Filter Layer Masks
Adjusting filter blend controls