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Adobe InDesign Introduction 2 Days

Course Overview

Course Objectives: Adobe InDesign CS6 allows you to deliver beautiful layouts and highly sophisticated documents for print quickly and easily. This two day Adobe authorised introductory course is designed to enable you to make the most of the power of Adobe InDesign. This course is designed for anyone who needs to understand the fundamental features and uses of Adobe InDesign and the best way to use these to create brochures, newsletters, flyers and other page designs



Basic working knowledge of Windows or Macintosh operating systems.


The interface

Quick methods to use panels

Organising panels

Creating workspaces


Creating objects

Transforming objects

Selecting objects with the content grabber

Apply and adjust live corner effects

Corner Effects

Duplicating and aligning objects

Using Smart Guides to align rotate and resize objects

Using gap tool to adjust and manipulate objects

Drag and drop on Anchored Objects

Object Styles

Creating and editing basic object styles

Using Library files

Strokes & text

Use the Strokes Panel


Selecting text

Formatting text

Spanning text across columns and balancing columns

Kerning and Tracking controls

Paragraph formatting

Dealing with overflow matter

Using the Story Editor

Using Linked Stories

Linking frames and text flow options

Spell Checking

Bullets and Numbering

Paragraph Rules

Text Frame Options

Smart Text Reflow

Style Sheets

Creating and using Paragraph style sheets

Creating and using Character style sheets

Editing and overriding style sheets


Placing images

Using the Mini Bridge to place images

Options for fitting images in frames

Scaling images

Placing multiple images

Checking image resolutions, colour space and image links

Image cut-outs

Text Wrap

Text wrap options

Allowing text to ignore Text Wrap


Creating CMYK and Spot colours

Applying colours to fills and strokes

Creating and using Gradient swatches

Creating Documents

Working with Master Pages

Page numbering options

Creating and using Layers

Managing objects within layers via the layers palette

Creating and using Baseline Grids

Adding and deleting pages

Working with Tables

Creating tables from delimited files, Microsoft Word tables, or Excel spreadsheets

Basic table and cell formatting options

Working with transparency

The Effects panel

Applying effects

Checking for rasterised text under transparency

Preparing documents for Press

Printing options

Live Preflight - potential production problem alerts while designing

Font management - using Document Fonts

Packaging files for printing

Creating PDFs