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Adobe InDesign Multimedia Documents 1 Day

Course Overview

The following is a general outline. The range of topics covered during your training is dependent upon student level, time available and preferences of topics required.




Planning an Interactive document

  • Creating a Site Map
  • Planning the hierarchy sections in the document
  • How the project is organised
  • Ensuring continuity in your design
  • Looking at where links are placed and where they jump to
  • A shortlist to planning your interactive project

Setting up your Interactive document

  • Setting up Master pages
  • Creating the background elements for pages
  • Designing rollover navigational buttons
  • Creating Next and Previous buttons

Creating the document pages

  • Importing the graphic elements
  • Creating a Library of images

Creating Hyperlinks

  • Applying Hyperlinks to graphics
  • Working with the Hyperlinks palette
  • Specifying Destinations for Hyperlinks
  • Specifying the Hyperlink's appearance
  • Adding Hyperlinks to URLs

Creating Buttons

  • Converting graphic objects to Buttons
  • Working with the States Palette
  • Creating different States for the buttons
  • Changing the appearance for the different States
  • Using the States palette to view different States

Adding Behaviours to Buttons

  • Looking at different Events
  • Closing the document
  • Going to different places
  • Playing Multimedia
  • Opening a file
  • Showing or hiding objects
  • Changing the Zoom level

Using Graphics for different States

  • Importing a graphic and converting to a button
  • Creating a Rollover State and placing the graphic into the State
  • Assigning Behaviours to the States

Adding Show/Hide elements

  • Creating the Contextual Button
  • Converting graphics to Buttons
  • Making the button invisible
  • Creating the Trigger Button
  • Assigning Behaviours to Show and Hide the fields
  • Examining the Mouse Action Behaviours
  • Testing the Button Behaviours in Acrobat

Adding a Movie

  • Looking at Movie file formats
  • Placing a Movie into InDesign
  • Looking at Movie Options
  • Designating a 'Poster' to show before and after the movie plays
  • Determining when and how the Movie plays
  • Embedding a Movie
  • Streaming a Movie from a Web site

Adding Sounds

  • Looking at Sound play options
  • Determining the Sounds to play when the user displays a page, clicks buttons for Play, Pause and/or Stop

Creating and Testing the Interactive PDF file

  • Using PDF pre-sets to export the file to PDF
  • Choosing PDF options
  • Saving the Options as a custom pre-sets
  • Test the document in Acrobat