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Adobe Photoshop Advanced   2 Days

Course Overview

This course is recommended as a follow up to the two day Introduction to Adobe Photoshop or the two-day Intermediate Adobe Photoshop course.  It is also suitable for professionals with equivalent experience.  In this course we look in depth at layers, alpha channels, montaging, high-end image manipulation and batch processing techniques


Attendance on the Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS6 course as a minimum requirement or equivalent working knowledge.


Course content

Recap and consolidation of material covered on the two day Photoshop Intermediate course



Duplicating layers

Layer masks

Preserve transparency and locking layers


Adjustment layers and adjustment layer masks

Layer comps

Detailed use of 3D layers including live 3D edit and texture editing


Painting modes and layer modes




Displacement maps

What is a displacement map?

Creating your own displacement map

Using Photoshop’s in-built maps

Using displacement maps with type to create special effects


Clipping groups

Clipping paths to create selected areas

Using displacement maps with type to create special effects


Customising the Photoshop Interface



Creating Custom Panels using Adobe Configurator


Advanced Sharpening Techniques

Unsharp Mask on highpass

Unsharp Mask on edges using channel (alpha)


Shape tool

Working with and editing shapes

Creating and importing custom shapes, e.g. logos for re-use

Saving in shapes panel


Alpha Channels

Creating effects adjusting images and selections with channels

Creating metallic appearances e.g. brass, chrome

Spot channels



Creating montages with layer masks

Creating realistic photo montages to include reflections on various surface types (e.g. metal, water etc.) and custom shadows

Creating 360-degree panoramas


Automation and Scripts

PDF Presentation



Web Gallery


Using the Actions panel

Using, adjusting and creating textures

Batch-processing several files