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Adobe Photoshop Intermediate 2 Days

Course Overview

This Adobe Photoshop Intermediate Training Course builds on the skills already gained on the Photoshop Introduction Training or those gained by practical experience in the workplace.





Prerequisites: Adobe Photoshop at Introductory level

Working with Pen / Paths Tool

Working with Pen Tool

Understanding the Paths Panel

Creating Workpaths / Clipping Paths

Effective and Precise Masking using Pen Tool

Creating /Saving Path Selections

Fill /Stoke Options

Photoshop Smart Objects

Working with Smart Objects

Linked Smart Objects for Shared Source Files

Smart Objects & Pixel Editing

Smart Objects & Smart Filters

Smart Object Linking

Advantages of working with Smart Objects 

Photoshop Brushes and Brush Panel

Creating New Brush Tips

Understanding Photoshop Brushes

Designing Floral, Wet Edge, Grunge Brushes

Photoshop Brushes & Colour

Creating, Editing & Saving Brushes


Photoshop Patterns

Creating Patterns in Photoshop

Defining Patterns for Pattern Stamp

Applying Patterns Using FX

Creating Repeat Patterns

Using Offset Repeats

Adding Patterns to Path Fills

Photoshop Masks

Understanding Masks

Effective Masking Techniques

Working with Brushes & Masks

Masking Modes

Masking Properties

Photoshop Editing

Extending Canvas with Content Scale

Vanishing Point Filters

Content Aware

Perspective Retouch

Image Adjustments

Layer Blending

Layer Blending Mode

Searching Layers by Filter

Linking /Unlinking Layers

Layers & FX Effects

Photoshop Actions & Automation

Creating /Recording Actions

Editing Actions

Action Limitations

Insert Menu

Modal Control

Action Sets

Batch Processing


Photoshop Layer Masks

Understanding Masks

Working with Brushes

Editing Mask Properties

Mask Modes

Layer Masks & Creative Flow

Work with Clipping Masks

Print and Web Output & Export

Print Dialogue Options

Web Galleries using Bridge

Save for Web & Devices

Slice a Web Layout using Layer Slices & Slice Tool

Export Layers

Export for Multi-Document PDF’s