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Building Personal Resilience Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

Within a world of high workloads, declining resources, frequent change and a hectic pace of life, the workplace resilience of employees has become a critical factor in organisational success. This reflective and practical workshop provides an opportunity to consider how individuals react when faced with daily pressures, unexpected setbacks and challenges. It shares strategies for learning from experiences and building up personal resources to help them continue to thrive in the modern workplace


Exploring the VUCA environment

  • Recognising the nature of the modern workplace
  • The technical blurring of home and work life
  • The need to do more with less

Introduction to Resilience

  • What is resilience?
  • The impact of context and environment
  • The interaction between individual, team and leadership

Introducing R@W Sustain 7

  • Its origins
  • Its components
  • The scales and their interconnectedness

Working with the Model

  • Identifying personal levels of resilience
  • Exploring the meaning of the model
  • Assessing personal strengths and areas of development

Building strategies

  • Living authentically – recognising and using personal strengths and values, creating greater self-awareness
  • Finding your calling – re-establishing the purpose of the work you do and your fit within the organisation
  • Maintaining perspective – developing thinking styles that help you to remain optimistic in the face of adversity
  • Managing levels of stress – creating routines that keep both mind and body balanced
  • Interacting co-operatively – building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships in the workplace
  • Staying healthy – understanding the importance of physical fitness and healthy living
  • Building networks – recognising the personal and professional networks that support and challenge you to perform at work.

Taking personal action

  • Creating a personal development plan
  • Practical activities for developing the strategies

Our JCS facilitator is a Practitioner for Resilience at Work using the R@W Sustain 7 Scale

The workshop can be further enhanced through the use of the R@W Sustain 7 questionnaire details of which will be given on quotation.