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Building Team Resilience Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

There are few roles today that do not require teamwork. In this complex, uncertain and dynamic world, the ability for teams to manage their ever-changing environment is paramount to its success. Being a resilient individual does not guarantee that the team you belong to is resilient. It is group behaviours that build team resilience. This workshop helps teams to recognise the strategies for building greater team resilience and provides the impetus to learn how to implement them.





Work together in the VUCA World

  • Working through regular change and uncertainty
  • Managing workloads and customer expectations
  • Getting caught in the process and losing sight of the outcome!

Introducing Team Resilience

  • The climate of cohesion
  • Collective ability to adapt to change
  • Working together towards future challenges

Exploring the strengths & vulnerabilities of the team

  • The R@W Team Model
  • A systematic approach
  • How we foster and align the actions of our members

Building Strategies to increase future team resilience

  • Being robust – having shared values, purpose, goals and skills and being proactive when issues arise for the team
  • Being resourceful – building on the team strengths and resources and looking for continuous improvement
  • Perseverance – staying optimistic and solution focused even when faced with obstacles
  • Self-care – developing good stress management routines and being aware of how others in the team are feeling
  • Capability – continually looking for ways to increase the capability of the team through networks and support mechanisms
  • Being connected – caring for others in the team, being co-operative and supportive
  • Alignment – recognising and developing the talents of team members, sharing and celebrating in success

Creating a platform for future resilience

  • Looking for ways to build and maintain the team’s resilience
  • Putting together your team plan

Our JCS facilitator is a Practitioner for Resilience at Work using the R@W Sustain 7 Scale

This workshop can be further enhanced through the use of the R@W Team Scale questionnaire details of which will be given on quotation.