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Change Management Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

Businesses don’t succeed by standing still. Close scrutiny of products, services, and systems will always reveal room for positive change. And helping people handle change by adapting and adopting new behaviours is one of the toughest challenges managers face. Without the right leadership and communication skills, even the best decisions will be difficult to implement. In this course we look at approaches to support individuals through change, factors that contribute to the creation of positive teams and what is required of a manager during periods of change for continuous improvement performance, service, quality and diversification.




Course objectives:

Understand why businesses require change

Learn about individual reactions to change and explore how to handle them

Understand how to effectively engage people in change

Learn how to implement change successfully

Understanding the leadership behaviours that not only sustain change but enable you to

What is change?

Why do we need to change?

Impact of change – Opportunities & Pitfalls

Make the Changes

Business Changes – Reaction to Change

How do we react to change? – Denial, Resistance, Exploration, Commitment Dimensions – Rational, Emotional, Physical

Engaging People in Change

Create a sense of Urgency, Guiding Collation.

Create a Vision of Change

Communicate for Understanding and Buy-In

Successfully Implementing Change - Leadership Strategy

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