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Coaching Conversations Duration: 2 Days

Course Overview

This course has been designed to enable Managers /Line Managers to create more effective conversations and build desired results. Individuals and groups perform better with coaching and this performance translates into personal and business success. During this 2-day practical and interactive workshop we look at the value and the power of coaching. Learn how to develop trust, listen deeply, and ask effective questions at a deeper and more effective level.




Course content:

Understand the Coaching Process
Differentiate coaching from other approaches to communication
How to set up the coaching conversation
Understand the role of a coach
Identify the steps of a coaching session and how they are applied in various contexts

"Self" as Coach
Discuss the factors influencing behavior
Discover your personal coaching style
Explore techniques to increase flexibility and resourcefulness for both coach and client
Develop self-awareness and awareness of “self” as coach

"Other" as Client
Explore communication styles and barriers to communication
Learn more about the learning process, leaning styles and change
Develop tools to work with self-limiting beliefs and other behavioural challenges

The Coaching Relationship
Find the key to establishing rapport with others
Learn techniques for providing more effective feedback
Explore and practice engaged listening
Employ effective questioning techniques to obtain relevant information
Manage difficult conversations with more confidence

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