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Google Analytics - Intermediate Duration 1 Day

Course Overview

In the Intermediate session course we look at customising your Google Analytics to provide powerful insight that can be acted upon to produce more business.





What does a great analyst need to know?

Best Practices: Clean Data

Profiles and filters

Filtering internal traffic


Cookies and cookie deletion

Multiple domains and subdomains


Analytics Intelligence

Automatic Intelligence Alerts


Advanced Segments

Using advanced segments

Creating custom advanced segments

Best Practices: Advertising and Marketing

Search engine optimization

AdWords advertising

Campaign attribution

Campaign tagging

Best Practices: Engagement

Landing pages and bounce rate

Site Search

Event Tracking

Best Practices: Conversion

Goal setup

Goal examples

Goal reports



Best Practices: Sharing with the Organization

Export and email

Custom reports

Custom alerts

Sharing customizations

API tools

Creating a data-driven culture



This training can be tailored and combined with any of the further Google courses advertised