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Customer Care Development Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

Course Content This course will include a PowerPoint presentation of the main topics supplemented by interactive sessions to reinforce learning of technique. Workbooks will be provided to include all information delivered as part of the course. Bespoke training – we can design and deliver a course that is centred on the exact requirement of your team and what you want to achieve.




Prerequisites: none

Interactive sessions will be included on:-

Customer needs — workgroup to identify & discuss customer needs & how to meet them

Dealing with Complaints — Role play based on situation & outcome

Action plan for progress — interactive brainstorm session & completion of personal plan

The main Course Elements will include:

Identifying Your Customer’s needs

The importance of Customer Service today

The different types of customer- internal, external & personality differences

Building rapport

Questioning & Listening Skills

Knowing Your Product

Meeting Customer Expectations

Recognising potential sales

Professionalism & Positive Service

Developing a Service Plan

Retaining your Customer

Building on your customer base & gaining referrals

Ensuring satisfaction

Dealing with complaints positively

Projecting a Positive Image

Improving Interpersonal Skills

Projecting a Positive Image AT ALL TIMES

Identifying the benefits: - to you, to the customer, to the business.

Informal marketing

Action Plan for Personal Excellent Customer Service

This training can be tailored