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Excel Powerpivot - An Introduction

Course Overview

Excel Powerpivot - An introduction

Excel Powerpivot - An introductio


Course Duration 2 days


What is PowerPivot?
What is a PivotTable?
Example with classical Excel PivotTable
First Steps with PowerPivot
Example with PowerPivotFormatting Numbers
Handling Technical and Useless Columns
Understanding Calculated Columns
Using Lookup Tables
Understanding Calculated Fields
Handling Many Tables
Refreshing Data
Using Slicers
PowerPivot for SharePoint
PowerPivot Gallery
Publishing an Excel Workbook
Parameters Pane
PowerPivot Data Refresh
Data Connections
User Credentials
Power View
Creating a Power View Report
Inserting New Views in Power View
Type of Charts & Maps
Applying Filters to Power View Reports
Creating Tiles
Shaping Reports
Defining KPIs
Creating Hierarchies
Properties for Power View Reports
Named Sets in Excel
Using Perspectives
Drillthrough with PowerPivotLoading Data and Models
Understanding Data Connections
Different Kind of Connections
Using Existing Connections
Loading Tables from SQL Server
Filtering Options
Loading and Detecting Relationships
Loading from Views
Loading from Access
Issues in the Query Designer
Best Practices
Loading Data from Analysis Services
The MDX Query Designer
Handling of Keys in SSAS
OLAP cube or DataMart?
Using Linked Tables
Loading from Excel Workbooks
Loading from Text Files
Using the Schema.INI configuration
Using Copy & Paste Operations
Loading From Data Feeds
Reporting Services Reports
Internet Data Feeds
Windows Azure Data Market
Loading From SharePoint
Understanding Data Models
What is a Data Model?
Why PowerPivot Users need Data Modelling?
Physical and Logical Data Models
Normalization and Denormalization
Empty and Default Values
Understanding How and When to Denormalize
SQL Query Designer as a Data Modelling Tool
Different kinds of Joins
Setting Relationship Manually
Understanding OUTER Joins
Introduction to DAX
Calculation Foundations
DAX Data Types
DAX Operators
Calculated Columns Examples
Calculated Fields Examples
Introduction to the Execution Context (Row and Filter)
Choosing Between Calculated Columns and Calculated Fields
Handling Errors in DAX
Common DAX Functions Examples
Statistical and Logical Functions
Information Functions
Mathematical Functions
Text Functions
Date and Time Functions
Table Functions and CALCULATE
Filtering Table with FILTER
Mixing ALL and Other Filters
CALCULATE Examples and Relationships
Time Intelligence in PowerPivot
Why a Calendar Table is Useful
Attribute Consolidation
Common Calendar Calculations
Creating a Calendar Table with Excel
Excel Tips to Create a Calendar Table
Working Days Calculation
Common Calendar Calculations
X To Date (YTD, QTD, MTD)
Same Period Last Year
Other Custom Aggregation Function
Delta Over Previous Year
Basic DAX Patterns
Banding in PowerPivot
New and Returning Customers
Compare Budget and Sales
Many-to-Many Relationships
Merge Values from Different Tables
ABC / Pareto Analysis