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Final Cut Pro X 10.3 Training Overview

Course Overview

This overview outline is designed to introduce students to the primary features and editing capabilities of Final Cut Pro X 10.3 over one or two days.




Understanding the FCP X editing Workflow

Understanding Libraries, Events, Keyword Collections & Projects

Touring the Interface

No Save Command!

Importing and Organising Media

Creating a Library, Renaming Events & understanding the default Smart Collections

Importing Preferences and Options

Importing Media from Hard Drive

Importing Media from Camera Cards

Understanding Background Tasks

Introduction to Editing in Final Cut Pro X

Using Keyword Collections

Working with the Skimmer, Playhead and Playback Controls

Browser Viewing Options

Creating a New Project

Setting Clip Selections

Building an Assemble Using Append Edits

Using Insert Edits

Using Three-point Editing techniques

Adjusting Edits

Working with the Magnetic Timeline

Adjusting Audio Levels

Expanding Clips and Creating Audio Fades

Adding Music and Rubber-banding Audio Levels

Adding Titles and Connected Clips

Exporting and Sharing

Sharing a Master File

Sharing to Apple Devices

Sharing Using Online Services

Project Case-study

Bentley at Mille Miglia

Spring Fair Highlights

XMA All-Learn: Humphrey Perkins School

Introduction to Final Cut Pro X 10.3

Organisation Your Media (2 Day Courses Only)

Importing Media from Cameras

Creating Camera Archives

Creating your own Keyword Collections

Working with Range-Based Keywords

Using Ratings

Creating and modifying Smart Collections

Adding custom Metadata

Working with Folders

Refining the Edit (2 Day Courses Only)

Working with Roles

Adding Ratings

Creating the Primary Storyline

Refining the Primary Storyline

Working with Gaps

Working with Cutaways and Secondary Storylines

Working with Compound Clips

Viewing Audio Lanes

Dual System Audio and Multicamera Editing (2 Day Courses Only)

Creating Synchronised Clips from separate sound and picture sources

Understanding Multicamera Editing

Creating & Editing Multicam clips

Switching and Cutting Angles

Trimming a Multicam Edit

Creating Complex Multicam Clips

Using Multicam Metadata

Working with the Angle Editor

Multicam and Audio Components

Introduction to Transitions, Effects and Generators (2 Day Courses Only)

Adding Transitions

Adding Video-only Transitions

Changing Transform, Crop and Distortion Effects

Adding and Adjusting Keyframes

Balancing and Matching Colour

Intro to Color Board

Enhancing and Matching Audio

Adding Audio and Video Effects

Further Work with Titles

Introducing 3D Titles

Enhanced Media Management (2 Day Courses Only)

Sharing using Roles

Customising Share Destinations

Consolidating and Archiving Projects

Reimporting from Camera Archives

External vs Managed Libraries

Restoring FCP Backup Libraries

Q&A & Feedback