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Google Scripting - Basics Through To Sheet Customisation Duration 1 Day

Course Overview

Google Apps Script is based on JavaScript and gives great flexibility to customise and automate Google Docs and Sites. The Script Editor allows you produce something as straightforward as a custom sheet function to a fully-fledged support ticketing system


Module 020: Google Script Basics

o    Script editor

  Bound

  Standalone

o    Executing scripts

  Example - Send email

  Example – Creating a custom sheet function

o    JavaScript basics

  Comments

  Datatypes and variables

  Functions & Methods

  Conditional Statements & Loops

         If…Then…Else

         Do…Until

         For…Next

         Switch…Case


Module 021: Google Script Basics 2 – Sheet Customisation

o    JSDoc – Custom Function Help

o    Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Utils

o    Debugging

o    Input & Output

o    Class Sheet

o    GSuite Services

o    Event & Triggers & Scheduling

o    SpreadsheetApp

  Sheet visibility

  Column/row visibility

  Useful Sheet methods

o    Menus & Sidebars

o    Sessions

o    Macros

Module 022: Google Script Intermediate

o    Scope: Global, Function, Block

o    Error trapping:

  Throw

  Try…catch

o    Formatting output with HTML

o    Use external Google services

o    Example managing files using code with

  GmailApp

  DriveApp

o    Demo

  Customising Forms

  Creating mini web app