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How To Be Happier And More Productive In Work And Life

Course Overview

Duration: 1 day Happier people tend to be more productive and creative as they focus on solutions rather than problems and they behave more collaborative. This positive attitude drives behaviours which in turn drives organisational results. In this 1 day course we look at happiness, managing stress, being positive, Sleep and basics of nutrition, Positivity and pulling this altogether in your personal action plan. “HAPPINESS IS WHEN WHAT YOU THINK, WHAT YOU SAY AND WHAT YOU DO ARE IN HARMONY” Mahatma Ghandi


Developing Happiness

What is happiness?

What causes happiness?

Finding pleasure and purpose in everyday life

Managing Stress

What is stress?

Common causes of stress at work

Minimising stress levels

Sleep Well, Work Well

Benefits of sleep

What happens if you don’t get enough sleep?

What can you do to sleep better?

Nothing NEW (Nutrition, Exercise, Water)

The Power of Positivity

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation

Feeling more relaxed, fulfilled and engaged

Gratitude - Acknowledging the goodness in our lives

The importance of kindness

Raising Your Game

Why resilience matters

Making better decisions

The effects of self-control

Putting it All into Practice

Putting together a personal action plan