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Inspirational Leadership Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

In today’s working environment we have constant challenges and changes we need to deal with. To be a highly effective and inspirational leader you need to be able to positively respond to them with integrity, competence and confidence. In this course we look at Leadership and how to engage and motivate your people and teams with confidence.



Introduction – Inspirational Leadership

  • What are the issues faced by participants?

Understanding Leadership

  • What is Leadership?
  • Leadership Responsibilities
  • Leadership v Management
  • Establishing Trust

Leadership Styles

  • Leadership Personality Traits
  • Lewin’s Leadership Styles
  • Theory X Y
  • Hershey Blanchard Situational Leadership

Values and Behaviours

  • Organisational Culture
  • Aligning Goals
  • Motivating Others
  • Strengths and Weaknesses

Emotional Intelligence

  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?
  • The 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment

Putting it all Into Practice

Putting together a personal action plan

This training can be tailored.