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JAVA PROGRAMMING ( For C Or C++ Programmers) Duration: 2 Days

Course Overview

This concise course provides details of the differences between C++ and Java, and discusses how specific concepts like File Handling and Networking is implemented in Java. Audience This course is aimed specifically at experienced 'C' or C++ application programmers.



Experience in using 'C' or an Object- Oriented language such as C++.


Two days. The course uses a mixture of quick desk quizzes and short hands-on

practical exercises.

Course objectives

On completion of this course the delegate will be able to:

  • Understand any differences with C++ in structure and syntax of the language
  • Be aware of the format and construct of Java classes and methods
  • Use Exception handling constructs
  • Understand file streams and network capabilities
  • Be able to write Java applications

Course contents

Introduction to Java Programming

What is Java?; Applications and applets; Development

Environments; JDK; The Java Virtual Machine (JVM); Producing,compiling and executing; Just-In-

Time compilation; CLASSPATH.

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

What is OOP?; Objects and Classes; using Objects; Object

references; Constructors; Accessmodifiers; Packages; Inheritance;

Polymorphism; Encapsulation;

OOD; the Java API.

Data types and Operators

Coding a program; Reserved words; Data types, variables and

operators; Statements and expressions; Strings; StringBuffer;

arrays; arguments to main().

Flow Control

Decision-making; program flow control; loops.

Classes and Methods

More on objects; passing arguments; Polymorphism and Abstract classes; constructors and

initialization; the this keyword;interfaces; method signatures;casting and instanceof; static and final modifiers; overriding andoverloading.


How exception handling works;class hierarchy; class wrappers;try...catch; try...finally; throw andthrows; writing and usingexception handlers.

File Handling

The File class; Input and output streams; Readers and writers; Standard input and Standard

output; File streams; BufferedReader class; Object Serialization; Exceptions.


Protocols; Client - Server; sockets and streams.