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Course Overview

Overview: This course is for those who have attended the Excel Macro/VBA Part 1 and 2 courses and wish to further advance their knowledge of VBA. Excel will be used as the main application, but the topics can be applied to any application that uses the VBA language (such as Word, PowerPoint, and Access). Duration: 2 days



  • File and Folder Management using VBA
    • Using the FileSystemObject
    • Working with folders in VBA
    • Working with files in VBA (i.e. moving, copying, renaming, deleting)
    • Setting file attributes
  • Working with VBA Arrays
  • Using VBA Classes
    • Creating Class Modules
    • Defining Methods, Member Variables, and Properties
    • Class Module events
    • Instantiating classes as objects
  • Creating and using User Defined Types
  • Accessing Windows API functions in VBA
  • Beyond the basics of VBA UserForms
    • Working with resizable forms
    • Dynamically adding controls to the form at runtime
    • Keystroke validation
    • Exploring some of the more advanced controls.
  • Accessing information in databases via ADO (ActiveX Data Objects)
    • Connecting to MS Access databases
    • Connecting to SQL Server databases