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Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1 Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

Course Objectives Create and edit simple presentations Enhance presentations by formatting Use the drawing tools to create and edit logos and pictures Insert objects Apply Slide design Create and automate screen shows Target student PowerPoint is a powerful presentations application, which allows the user to create intuitive presentations for paper, screen or web output. Prerequisites Delegates should have an understanding of any Windows operating system.





PowerPoint Basics

Getting Started with PowerPoint 2013

Starting PowerPoint

Opening an Existing Presentation

Identifying Elements of the PowerPoint Window

The Ribbon

Moving Between Slides

Using PowerPoint Help

Using the Help Table of Contents Index

To use the Help Topics Index:

Changing PowerPoint Views

Changing the Zoom Level

Viewing the Presentation in Outline View

Viewing the Presentation in Slide Sorter View

Ending a PowerPoint Session

Closing a Presentation

Creating a Presentation

Beginning a New Presentation

Using a Template to Begin a New Presentation

Adding Text and Slides

Adding a New Slide in Normal View

Entering Text in a Bulleted List

Adding Slides and Text in Outline View

Using AutoCorrect

Editing Text and Slides

Using the Undo and Redo Commands

Using Find and Replace

Deleting Slides

Enhancing a Presentation

Changing Text Appearance

Changing the Font Size

Applying Font Styles and Effects

Changing Text Colour

Aligning Text

Adjusting Line Spacing

Using the Rulers

Changing Slide Sequence

Rearranging Slides in Outline View

Creating Notes Pages and Handouts

Formatting Handouts

Printing Notes Pages and Handouts

Checking Your Work

Drawing Objects

Drawing AutoShapes

Drawing Rectangles and Squares

Drawing Ellipses and Circles

Drawing Straight and Curved Lines

Selecting and Deselecting Objects

Duplicating an Object

Editing Objects

Changing Line Colours and Applying Shadows

Changing the Line Style and the Dash Style

Moving Objects

Resizing Objects

Adding Object Text and Clip Art

Adding Clip Art to a Slide

Adding Visuals

Working with Clipart and Pictures

Inserting a Table

Inserting a Chart

Copying a chart from Excel

Inserting SmartArt Graphics

Inserting WordArt