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Microsoft Visio ( L2 ) Duration: 1day

Course Overview

Course objectives: In this training day we look at the more advanced features of this diagramming and vector graphics software application such as how to work with multiple pages, backgrounds, styles, master shapes, shape sheets, layers and templates. Target Audience: Candidates who wish to use Visio for creating workflows and other diagrams and who wish to use Visio to create complex graphics and illustrations. Prerequisites: Delegates should be familiar with the Windows operating system. Attendance on Visio (L1) training or equivalent working knowledge.





Course content:

Creating and Modifying Styles

  • Applying Styles
  • Creating a Template

Working with Stencils and Master Shapes

  • Creating a Stencil
  • Creating a Master Shape
  • Protecting Shapes and Documents
  • Changing Shape Behaviour
  • Using Automatic Layout

Merging Shapes

  • Using the Union Command
  • Using the Combine Command
  • Using the Subtract Command
  • Using the Intersect Command
  • Using the Fragment Command

Using Background Pages

  • Creating a Background Page
  • Assigning a Background Page
  • Displaying and Modifying Background and
  • Foreground Pages

Working with Layers

  • Understanding Layers
  • Creating a Layer
  • Assigning a Shape to a Layer

Displaying Individual Layers

  • Setting Layer Properties
  • Removing a Layer
  • Pan & Zoon Window

Inserting Pictures and Objects

  • Inserting a Picture
  • Inserting Fields
  • Embedding an Object
  • Linking an Object

Working with ShapeSheets

  • Understanding the ShapeSheet
  • Changing ShapeSheet Properties

Using Special Feature

  • Viewing Custom Properties of a Shape
  • Adding a Custom Property to a Shape
  • Working with Hyperlinks
  • Adding and testing a hyperlink
  • Using a Hyperlink in the full screen mode