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Microsoft Excel Macro/VBA (part2) Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

This 1 day course builds on the MS Excel Macro/VBA (part 1). Here where we look at topics such as Forms, error Handling and Office Automation. Prerequisites: Candidates should have an excellent working knowledge of Excel or should have attended MS Excel Macro/VBA (part 1) training day.




Working with Forms and Controls

  • Understanding UserForms
  • Using the Toolbox
  • Working with UserForm Properties, Events, and Methods
  • Understanding Controls
  • Setting Control Properties in the Properties Window
  • Working with the Label Control
  • Working with the Text Box Control
  • Working with the Command Button Control
  • Working with the Combo Box Control
  • Working with the Frame Control
  • Working with Option Button Controls
  • Working with Control Appearance
  • Setting the Tab Order
  • Populating a Control
  • Adding Code to Controls
  • Launching a Form in Code

Debugging Code

  • Understanding Errors
  • Using Debugging Tools
  • Setting Breakpoints
  • Stepping through Code
  • Using Break Mode during Run mode
  • Determining the Value of Expressions
  • Using the Immediate Window

Handling Errors

  • Understanding Error Handling
  • Understanding VBA's Error Trapping Options
  • Trapping Errors with the On Error Statement
  • Understanding the Err Object
  • Writing an Error-Handling Routine

MS Office Automation

  • Overview of how Excel VBA can be used to control other programs.
  • Setting references to other programs.
  • Launching and terminating programs.
  • Using “late binding” to make your code work with multiple versions of applications.
  • Example of using Excel to control and manipulate MS Word.
  • Using “SendKeys” to control applications that don’t support automation.