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People Focused Project Management Duration 1 Day – Or Two Half Days

Course Overview

This practical workshop is designed for business leaders that need to also manage projects alongside their leadership role. It introduces the concept of project management through people and connects to the participants present leadership skills. It supports leaders in being able to plan, implement and review their project by providing an opportunity to explore a range of tools and techniques.




Define a Project

  • Understanding the nature and purpose of projects
  • Recognising different types of project – Eddie Obeng
  • Project management methodology

Triple Constraints

  • Understanding project constraints
  • Applying the constraints to real time projects
  • Recognising the connection between the triple constraints and project compromise

Who are your stakeholders?

  • Defining who a stakeholder is
  • Understanding the importance of identifying stakeholders
  • Categorising stakeholders

What do stakeholders need from you?

  • Analysing the relationship between the project manager and their stakeholders
  • Identifying Primary, Secondary and key stakeholders
  • Recognising your stakeholders

Manage them through the project life cycle

  • Explore the impact different stakeholders have on your project
  • Stakeholder mapping – Mendelow’s Matrix
  • Understanding how to apply the basic leadership skills to manage your stakeholders

Explore a range of basic project management tools

  • Create order using Work Breakdown Structures
  • Assess risk through critical path analysis, using a PERT diagrams
  • Apply logic to your stakeholder relationships – the RACI matrix

How do others manage projects successfully?

  • Hear from a business leader who has successfully managed projects within challenging and time strapped organisations.
  • Have the opportunity to question the expert

Business Innovation

  • Understand the concept of innovation
  • Explore Kaizen philosophy
  • Through a practical work place activity, apply business innovation processes

Data gathering

  • Recognise the need for data collection
  • Create information from data
  • Practise using and evaluating data gathering techniques

Problem solving and decision making

  • Understand the connection between projects and problem solving
  • Define the nature of a problem
  • Explore methods for solving problems and making informed decisions
    • Including Root Cause Analysis and Systematic Decision Making

Preparing your Project Charter

  • Identify a method of pulling your project plan together
  • Explore the elements of the project charter
  • Prepare a charter for people focussed project management