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Performance Management Duration 1 Day

Course Overview

Performance management is a broad topic aimed at improving the effectiveness of the organisation and the people within it. This workshop gives participants an opportunity to learn about the key roles of performance management in today’s organisations and the accountabilities of those involved in the process.




Course objectives:

Introduction to Performance Management

  • What are the issues faced by participants?

Assessing Performance

  • Informal or formal assessment
  • Fair and objective assessment
  • Reasons for underperformance

Managing Performance

  • Managing performance and to meet objectives
  • Identifying and agreeing performance objectives
  • Setting SMART objectives
  • Monitoring performance and review progress

Competency Framework

  • Key competencies
  • Competency framework key

Giving Feedback

  • Purpose of feedback
  • How to give positive and improvement feedback
  • Reactions to feedback

Understanding how to coach an individual

  • Benefits of coaching
  • Identifying coaching needs
  • GROW model

Coaching & Case Studies

  • Key coaching skills
  • Practical session

Putting it All into Practice

  • Putting together a personal action plan

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