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Project A Positive Image And Influence Others Across The Business Duration 1 Day

Course Overview

This practical and interactive one day training workshop has been designed for leaders and business professionals who want to project a positive image and influence others across the business.





Developing your Personal Brand with Confidence and Credibility

  • What is a personal brand?
  • Practical activity to demonstrate your personal brand
  • Dissecting how you create a personal brand

Using your Communication Style

  • Recognising your own way of communicating
  • Exploring the communication style of others
  • Identifying ways to adapt your style to best communicate with others

The Language of Presence

  • The power of language
  • Creating credibility and confidence through language
  • Exploring the importance of language

Music of Influence

  • The concept of voice and its influence on others
  • Practical activity to explore projection, presence and credibility
  • Using short activities to increase the music you demonstrate

The ABC of Dance

  • Grabbing attention through body language
  • Connecting body language to voice and language
  • Recognising the importance of breathing and posture in creating the right impact

Consolidating the presence, you want to give across the business

  • Practical activity to deliver your message with presence
  • Identify your personal areas of strength and areas you want to develop further
  • Preparing a plan for continuing to create the right presence