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Promoting Wellbeing And Building Resilience Creating Work-life Balance And Managing Stress Levels Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

Summary This interactive workshop considers the impact of stress on both work and life. It recognizes the relationship between how work and life both impact on our inner strength, energy levels and reserves. The sessions explore the phenomena of creating balance within our lives by developing robust stress management strategies that enable participants to build and maintain their levels of resilience.





Who is it for?

Suitable for all employees who want to examine their present wellbeing and build/maintain resilience for the future

Defining Stress

  • Physical and mental stress
  • Positive and negative stress
  • Its impact on self, others and the wider environment
  • The resilience pot!

Identify a clear understanding of the make up of stress and how it affects individuals in all areas of their lives.

Work/life balance is …..

  • Exploring the competing elements
  • Taking responsibility for your own wellbeing

Explore what work/life balance means to individuals and begin to recognise their own work/life relationships.

Creating stress management & work/life balance

  • The skills for creating balance
    • Managing time
    • Stability & accord
    • Health & wellbeing
    • Emotional health

Recognise the connection between stress and work/life balance and the clear skills for developing strategies for managing to create equilibrium.

Managing Time

  • Self-discipline
  • Controlling your environment
  • Being Assertive

Practice using several techniques for organising the activities you choose to do in the time you have available.

Exploring the agency individual has for taking control of their own environment

Stability & accord

  • Where are you now?
  • The Plumbing theory
  • The impact of the environment
    • Covey’s Circle of concern
    • Influence or letting go

Exploring personal levels of balance and harmony and recognising the fluctuating nature of both.

Health & wellbeing

  • Using mindfulness
  • Personal reactions to stress and imbalance
  • Schwarts’s Energy Grid
  • Strategies for moving towards positive emotion and renewal

Developing a range of activities to increase energy and resilience through long-term strategies and good life decisions.

Emotional health

  • Unhelpful neuro-pathways
  • Changing our mindsets
  • Caught in a thinking trap
  • Catch, Challenge, Change

Considering neuro-science as a tool for increasing ability to change thinking patterns and break those habits that create imbalance and high levels of unhealthy stress.

Pulling together the strategies

  • Creating a personal action plan
  • Making a pledge
  • Taking it away

To recognise at least one strategy for balancing work and life commitments and managing personal levels of stress.