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Public Speaking….. Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

In this training we look at 4 of the main topics that will help you to ensure that your presentations are memorable, relevant and impressive. Importantly you will discover that increased confidence and skill will mean that you actually enjoy public speaking opportunities.




The training includes candidate participation in the form of 2 presentations.

Course content.

  • 1. Preparation of speech, lecture or Interview
  • 2. Have the right attitude
  • 3. Have the right skill set
  • 4. See the expected results
  • 5 Presentation

Part One:

1. Preparation of a speech, lecture or interview

1) How to make a presentation plan:

2) Introduce yourself clearly. Build a relationship with the audience

3) Tell the audience what the title of the topic is and where the talk will lead.

4) Plan by heart and/or create skeleton notes

5) Order the prop in an ordered manner

2. Have the right attitude

1) Speak for the audience’s sake

2) Be truthful, don’t just act.

3) Develop confidence in yourself

4) Respect the topic, the audience and the speaker.

5) Enlighten, inform but entertain!

3. Have the right skillset 1) Vary the delivery: An Analysis of:

a) Speed, b) Volume, c) Emotional Intensity.

2) Keep to stated time.

3) Speak with linguistic clarity, simplicity and relevance

4) Respect the audience with your appearance and your relaxed, animated body language

5) The equipment works for you and for your speech:

a) Good and bad microphone techniques

b) Use of the podium, table, mike stand and whiteboard

c) How to “perform” PowerPoint, without boring or insulting the audience

d) Face the audience and have your own printed slide handouts for reference

4. See the expected results

1) A quality speech. (This is your goal)

2) Transmission of the speaker’s core ideas to the audience in fulfilment of the stated topic.

3) The audience adds your new explanations and understanding together with their own pre-existing ideas.

4) The audience is happy, with themselves and with you.

5) The audience would have taken notes or taken away a personal call for further action and development of the speaker’s ideas.

5. Presentation & Feedback

The Delegates will make two short presentation one pre-prepared formal presentation, and one improvised presentation on “My Personal Goals” .

The presenter will offer each delegate constructive feedback where appropriate and when specific permission is given.