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QuickBooks - Fundamentals Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

Candidates will be introduced to QuickBooks primary features as well as the new features and functionality of this version. At course completions, students will be able to: - Set up a company - Work with lists - Set up inventory - Sell your product - Invoice for services - Process payments - Work with bank accounts - Enter and pay bills - Use the EasyStep Interview





Getting Started

Starting QuickBooks

Setting QuickBooks Preferences

Identifying Components of the QuickBooks Operating Environment

The QuickBooks Home Page

The Company Snapshot

Getting Help with QuickBooks

Identifying Common Business Terms

Setting Up QuickBooks in Multi-User Mode

Updating QuickBooks

Backing Up and Restoring a Company File

Exiting QuickBooks

Setting up a Company

QuickBooks Company

Using the Chart of Accounts

Setting Up a Password

Setting a Closing Date

Working with Lists

Creating Company Lists

Working with the Customers & Jobs List

Working with the Employees List

Working with the Vendors List

Working with the Items List

Working with Other Lists

Managing Lists

Setting up Inventory

Entering Products into Inventory

Ordering Products

Receiving Inventory

Paying for Inventory

Manually Adjusting Inventory



Selling Your Product

Creating Product Invoices

Applying Credit to Invoices

E-mailing Invoices

Setting Price Levels

Making Cash Sales

Invoicing for Services

Setting Up a Service Item

Changing the Invoice Format

Creating a Service Invoice

Editing an Invoice

Voiding an Invoice

Deleting an Invoice

Entering Statement Charges

Creating Billing Statements

Paying for expenses

Displaying the Open Invoices Report

Using the Collections Centre

Receiving Payments for Invoices

Making Deposits

Handling Bounced Checks

Working with Bank Accounts

Writing a QuickBooks Check

Voiding a QuickBooks Check

Using Bank Account Registers

Entering a Handwritten Check

Transferring Funds between Accounts

Reconciling Checking Accounts

Entering and Paying Bills

Handling Expenses

Using QuickBooks for Accounts Payable

Entering Bills

Paying Bills

Entering Vendor Credit