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React (React JavaScript Library)


DURATION - 3 days

PREREQUISITES – You will need to be comfortable with the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to get the most out of this course.

ABOUT THE COURSE – This course will cover all you need to know about React to start creating beautiful, functional Use Interfaces for your websites using the React JavaScript library.

React is the User Interface library originally created by the team at Facebook, it lets you design and build reusable user interface components that provide a framework for your current and future websites.

This course will take you from the basic setup and concepts of how React works and how you can use it, all the way through to the advanced concepts and use of Redux. It incorporates all the latest capabilities of React including the use of Hooks.


  • How to set up your development environment to use the import/export module pattern for React
  • Creating and using functional components
  • Using hooks to add capabilities to your components.
  • How to create and maintain class-based components
  • Event handling with React.
  • Props, state, and context for data management
  • Prop Types and Default Props
  • Higher order components
  • Flux/Redux for complex data management


React.js introduction & architecture

Getting ready to write code

Basic terminology & concepts

Building and displaying a basic component

Component syntax

Passing data via props (Properties)

Dynamically generated React components.

Style, React and CSS

Embedding HTML in data

More about properties - defaultProps

More about properties - PropTypes

Using props.children with nested components

Using context with nested components

JSX, the JIT transformer

Modularising the code using import/export

Setting and using State




Error boundaries

More about the component lifecycle and specification methods

React Hooks

Flux Overview

Redux Overview

Redux Store

Redux Actions

Redux Reducers

Redux Data flow