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  Sage 50 Accounts And Microsoft Office. Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

Create professional documentation, dynamically linked to your live Sage Accounts data. Training is delivered at the client site What do I learn? Learn everything you need to know about how Microsoft® Office can integrate with Sage 50 Accounts. It includes dynamically linking spreadsheets in Excel, running mail merges in Word and creating live links to PowerPoint presentations.


Linking Sage 50 Accounts to Excel and Word

Data for the ODBC driver

Finding the data path

Setting up the DSN

Upgrading Sage 50 Accounts

Linking Sage 50 Accounts With Microsoft Excel

Extracting data from Sage 50 Accounts into MS Excel

Creating a query using the Query wizard

Creating a Query without using the Query Wizard

Updating the link

Sage 50 Accounts further Excel and Word

Using Expressions to Perform a Calculation

Using Multiple Expressions

Formatting cells in Excel

Sage 50 Accounts Linking to Word

Building the query and applying criteria

Building the mail merge document

Microsoft Word rules

Creating a mail merge from Sage 50 Accounts

Using Multiple Tables

Creating the query with multiple tables

Joining Tables

Viewing Joins

Totalling Data and Graphs

Custom fields in Sage 50 Accounts

Cycle through totals

Linking to Microsoft PowerPoint

Cycle through totals on an expression

Using Pivot Tables and Charts

Creating a query

Creating the PivotTable

Creating the Pivot Table

Parameter Queries

Building a multi-table query

Creating parameter queries

Changing the parameters in Excel

Table filter properties