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Tailored Management Workshops Duration: Based On Client Requirement.

Course Overview

All tailoring of training is discussed and mutually agreed prior to delivery. The training is hands on to include exercises, group and individual participation. Tailoring of the training can include work associated materials, policies etc.: Target Audience: Supervisors/Team Leaders, Level 1 & Level 2 Managers. Effective training and development depends on knowing what is required to meet with individual skills, the department and the company. Tailored training workshops offer the answer inasmuch as the training is targeted to meet with skill gaps and ongoing skill development and therefore offers a positive return on investment.




1. Communication

Levels of listening

Powerful questioning- positive intent

Building rapport

Interpretations and translation

Communication behaviours

2. Leading Change

Our experience of change

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of change

The theory – Kotter

Creating our case for change

Engaging people through stories

Personal responses to change

Culture and change

3. Presenting with Impact

Key attributes of a great presentation

Best practice styles of presenting

Structure and preparation

Reviewing and revising

4. Problem solving and decision making

Effective process for problem solving and decision making

Practice techniques

Creative thinking- generating alternatives


5. Coaching and Mentoring

It’s power in business

When to use it

Key skills required

Apply theory – GROW

Practice and feedback

6. Team effectiveness

Ineffective teams- dysfunctions

Roles of team members

Stages of team development

Obstacles to effectiveness

Skills to effectiveness

7. Emotional Intelligence

Perception impact

Conflict resolution

Manage emotions

Role play

Being emotionally intelligent

8. Developing resilience

Exploration of meaning

Coping strategies

3 key behaviours

Managing People Programme


1. Managing Myself

Self-awareness and perception

How I learn

Roles and responsibilities

Effective communication



2. Managing my Team

Giving feedback

Managing my mates

Conflict resolution

Difficult conversations

Transactional analysis

Presentation skills

3. Managing my Work

Effective problem solving and decision making

Personal effectiveness


Time management and prioritisation

Further topics which can be included ( full detail on request)

Thinking fast and slow



Management as well as Leadership

Leadership styles

Building internal relationships

Building external networks

Developing others

Conversations with a purpose

Managing up